Educational, fun, and real

The premise of the show is a lot of fun. A couple of kids go on adventures through time, learning things about the past.

The thing that kept me coming back was the way it brings Puerto Rican culture to the forefront. For the two main characters, the island is a place that their parents knew and their experience of it is second-hand. The show takes the idea of learning about your culture and your past to discover more about yourself and turns it into a fun, weird, kinda science fiction podcast that could just be a silly romp.

But it isn't.

It's also about the community surrounding the characters. It brings a life and a weight to the things they're learning and makes it real for the audience. Relief efforts for the hurricane Maria are a part of the story and ground the fantastical in the very, very real.

This show is entertaining. It's educational. And it's important. I really wish kids everywhere had this kind of show to teach them about their own cultures and histories, and those of the others around them.

Dec. 21, 2019 by Richard KL on Apple Podcasts